Carve It™ Signature Rebounding Class

Carve It™ is a new and innovative way of training on mini-trampolines aka rebounding. This class challenges your body to remain in a constant state of flux as you are carefully guided through purposeful strengthening movements. The thought-out merger and sequencing of movements creates the ultimate targeted and full body workout. The unique combination of cardio, strengthening, calisthenics, plyometrics, pilates, barre and rebounding results in a core-centric and whole body workout. Additional benefits include a full body detox via lymphatic drainage and an endorphin surge that's unparalleled. See why rebounding is touted as the exercise of the new millennium. "Don't hide your body, Carve It™." 

Carve It™ Booty & Core

The lower half of our body, particularly our glutes are tremendously underutilized. Carve It™ Booty and Core will wake up, activate and systematically strengthen the glutes, core and legs. Your core, legs and booty will be beautifully sculpted using bands and moves aimed at targeting these hard to hit areas. Don't your body, Carve It™!


Carve It™ Hoppy Hour

Let it all go in this fun, upbeat, rebounding class. Expect to leave feeling energized and lifted, like you’re floating on air. Detox, rejuvenate and relax in this rebounding-heavy class. The Carve It™ Hoppy Hour focus is developing proper movement patterns, form and stimulating a whole-body detoxification via lymphatic drainage. "Don't hide your body, Carve It™."

Carve It™ Box & Bounce

Exercise every cell in your body and experience a powerful endorphin surge with this vigorous, high intensity class. Carve It™ Box & Bounce combines kickboxing, boxing, cardio, strengthening and power moves with the profound metabolic exercise experienced only through rebounding. "Don't hide your body, Carve It™." 


Carve It™ BandSculpt & Bounce 

Carve It™ BandSculpt & Bounce fuses rebounding, aerobics, Pilates, ballet and HIRT inspired strengthening moves into one AWESOME class. This full-body class will move you beyond your comfort zone into an area that creates intense bodily awareness through physical conditioning. The results, a beautifully strong and resilient mind and physique. You will be guided though curated Carve It™ moves aimed at sequentially working your body. Take results, toning, lengthening, strengthening and core-work to a whole new level! "Don't hide your body, Carve It™."

Carve It™ X-Bounce

Cross-training is key for optimal strength and conditioning regardless of your sport or ultimate fitness goal. Carve It™ X-Bounce is designed to improve overall performance and negate the shortcomings of other training methodologies. Expect to see noticeable gains in agility, speed, stamina, posture and strength. This class incorporates plyometrics, isometrics, HIIT and calisthenics. X-Bounce will push the body to it’s limit utilizing anaerobic and aerobic training intervals, increasing endurance and fitness levels.


Carve It™ Upper Body & Core

Carve It™ Upper Body & Core is extremely form focused.  In this class your posture and movements are crucial.  During class you are assessed and guided as you learn how hold yourself to create purposeful movement patterns that cultivate beautifully sculpted arms, back, shoulders, chest and core.  "Don't hide your body, Carve It™." 

Carve It™ Rejuvenate & Stretch

Enter into the world of rebounding and experience its myriad of benefits with this gentle, introductory class. Learn the foundational moves of Carve It™ in controlled and methodical manner. With Carve It™ Rejuvenate & Stretch you’ll master how to move gracefully on mini-trampolines, detox your body via lymphatic drainage and develop a new and innovative way to train your body and mind. The holistic benefits of rebounding are unparalleled and all muscles in your body are utilized in this core-centric class. Come and see why rebounding is touted of the "exercise of the new millennium" and strengthen your body from the inside out. Don't hide your body, Carve It™!

For consistent noticeable results it is recommended that class is taken at least 3-4 times per week




$199 for July and August 

$170 for July and August 

1 Week Unlimited $25


Rates & Packages

Single Class: $34

4 classes per month: $99

8 classes per month: $139

Unlimited with commitment: $149 

Unlimited without commitment: $179


Unlimited memberships, class packages, single-classes and semi/private classes are available for purchase.




There is no universal body type, therefore there is not one way in which Claire approaches private/semi-private training.

What you can be sure of is that you will be challenged to be your best.

Prior to your first session, you will be evaluated to determine areas of strength and weaknesses.  A program will be designed and you will be systematically taxed to obtain maximum results.  Expect to be strengthened and transformed inside and out.  Each session is well-thought out with each and every movement purposeful and specific.