Claire Lo Russo

Claire holds a B.S./M.S.Ed. with a focus in anatomy and biology.  She is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) CPT with specializations in CES (corrective exercise) and FNS (fitness nutrition).  She is founder of Carve It™ Fitness and a Certified Bellicon Instructor.  

Claire’s earliest memories all include moving, running and fitness.  As a child, her weekends were spent traveling with her family to various road races and track meets all over the NorthEast.  In high school, she was nationally ranked, earning number 1 in the nation status in the 1500m.  She went on to run and compete for UNC, Chapel Hill.

Today, Claire is a mom of 3 and an avid fitness enthusiast.  Her passion for all things fitness was reignited after a debilitation hamstring tear and the untimely passing of her personal hero, mentor and coach, her father.  Since then, her drive and dedication to create a body that is beautifully strong and functional has become paramount in her life.   The carefully planned routines in Carve It™ reflect Claire’s varied background in rebounding, strength training, plyometrics, calisthenics, pilates, barre, yoga, and racing at an elite level.

Claire’s motivation is being healthy, living life to the fullest and feeling amazing.  She is committed to doing all she can to keep her body and mind in top shape. Claire is even more passionate about helping others feel and achieve the same results.  She genuinely wants everyone to live their lives feeling wonderful inside and out.  As the saying goes, “Do what you love and never work a day in your life.”  Claire is grateful to have the opportunity to train clients one-on-one and in group classes.  For her, there is nothing so profound as watching a client push through barriers that once seemed insurmountable.



Her client’s health and well-being is her absolute obsession!

Working together you will change your body, mind, and attitude.